Baby P's grandmother had 'violent background'

The violent history of Baby Peter's family should have alerted social workers more to the dangers posed to the toddler, according to a leaked report.

The troubled childhood of Peter's mother Tracey Connelly and his grandmother showed a "pattern" which should have been addressed.

Details of his grandmother's violent background are contained in an internal report prepared for the second review of the tragedy.

Drawing on records from Leicestershire and Islington social services, it says the grandmother had a violent upbringing and was violent to her own children.

It says she admitted hitting her son from the age of six weeks, accepted she had a problem with violence particularly against men and was convicted of the malicious wounding of her husband.

Her son was admitted to hospital four times by the time he was three, although each accident was regarded as having an adequate explanation.

Tracey Connelly also had a difficult background, at one stage being placed on the child protection register.

'Family history'

The internal report concludes: "The similarity in patterns of care and abuse experienced by Ms A (Tracey Connelly) and the patterns of care and abuse experienced by Child A (Baby Peter) are striking.

"This is an area which Haringey Children and Young People's Service should have noticed and addressed.

"Her family history is characterised by experiences that are known to affect parenting capacity and parenting skills.

"It is likely that her family background had a detrimental effect on her care and protection of Baby Peter.

"There is evidence of this from the injuries sustained by, and quality of care experienced by, Baby Peter."

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