Drive-thru KFC in Gainsborough fines people driving past

KFC in Gainsborough
Image caption Motorists complained cameras on the building are recording them driving past, or failing to identify vehicles when leaving

A car park operator at a branch of KFC has been criticised after motorists were fined for simply driving past.

Others using the fried chicken chain in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire reported problems with cameras failing to record them leaving within the time limit.

Damian Plumtree, owner of JK Cabs, said his firm had received multiple fines after picking people up on the road outside.

KFC said the operator, Civil Enforcement Ltd, was investigating.

Mr Plumtree believed there was a problem with one of the cameras.

"We've had a couple of tickets when we have not even been in the car park," he said.

"The only thing I can think is the camera is pointing in the wrong direction and it's catching drivers going past.

"We've driven past again later on, and it has picked us up again."

He said the parking firm had rescinded the penalty notices on appeal, but added that the process was annoying.

Image caption Parking notices warn customers they will be charged £100 if they stay over 90 minutes

Others who visited the KFC branch said the cameras had failed to record them leaving.

One man told the BBC he was actually playing in a football match in Scunthorpe at the time he was accused of overstaying. Another man was parked in his girlfriend's drive.

A spokesperson for KFC said: "We don't own or operate the car park at our Gainsborough restaurant, but we have been in touch with the car park operators who will be looking into this issue.

"We'd encourage any customers who have been given a parking charge notice to contact our customer service team who will always try to help."

Civil Enforcement Ltd could not be reached for comment.

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