Banksy-style mural appears on Grimsby 'hell pub'

Graffiti on Albion pub in Grimsby
Image caption Some supported the idea while others said the mural was not of the standard typical of the mysterious artist

Speculation is mounting whether graffiti daubed on a derelict pub in Grimsby is the work of Banksy.

The Albion is now only frequented by drug users, according to the Grimsby Telegraph, which described the pub as a "dangerous minefield of illegality".

The derelict building on Cleethorpe Road - once popular with dock workers - has been dubbed "the pub from hell".

The artwork, which appeared overnight, is of a similar style to other works by Banksy, social media users have said.

A photograph of the work was posted by Susan Chesman in a local crime-watch group.

She wrote: "Sorry not a crime. Just seen this fab drawing on the Albion pub. Is it a local artist? Or has Banksy been?

Some supported the idea while others said the mural was not controversial enough, or of the standard and detail typical of the mysterious artist.

Others said if the work was by Banksy they were keen to preserve it, as the pub faces being demolished to make way for flats.

Image copyright Banksy
Image caption This graffiti in Hull was posted on Banksy's official Instagram account

Last January, a stencilled design appeared in nearby Hull depicting a child carrying a wooden sword with a pencil attached to the end, under the text "Draw the raised bridge!"

Images of the mural were shared on Banksy's official Instagram account.

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In December, Banksy confirmed a new graffiti piece that appeared in Port Talbot, south Wales, was his.

He used his Instagram account to announce: "Season's greetings", with a video of the artwork, which depicts a child apparently enjoying falling snow.

But the piece, on a garage, is in two parts and a second mural on another wall of the building reveals that what is falling on the child is actually ash.

Banksy began spray-painting trains and walls in his home city of Bristol in the early 1990s but in later years expanded his work to leave his mark all over the world.

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