Lincolnshire hare coursing: Three men arrested

Image source, Lincolnshire Police
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Farmers helped police in the operation on Saturday

Three men have been arrested and seven dogs seized by police cracking down on hare coursing in Lincolnshire.

Farmers joined forces with rural crime officers on Saturday after police were tipped off about suspected hare coursers in fields in Ealand, near Scunthorpe.

Officers saw about six men with dogs in a field who ran off.

Police later arrested three men from Blackpool, Stoke-on-Trent and Stourport. They are due in court later.

Lincolnshire Police said they were interviewed and will be summoned to appear at court on suspicion of wildlife offences.

Two Honda CR-Vs were also seized in the operation.

Hare coursing

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  • Coursers often use binoculars to spot hares
  • Dogs - usually greyhounds, lurchers or salukis - are on a slip lead threaded so it can be easily released
  • Coursers will walk along the field to frighten the hare into the open
  • The dog catches the hare and kills it by "ragging" it - shaking the animal in its teeth
  • The dead hare is usually left in the field or thrown in a ditch
  • Since 2005, hare coursing has been illegal throughout the UK

Source: Lincolnshire Police