'Disrespectful' driver overtakes hearse near Spalding

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The cortege was travelling along the A16 near Spalding

A grieving daughter was left in tears when her father's funeral procession felt forced to pull over as a highways maintenance driver overtook it.

Lindsay Stubbs said the driver broke into the cortège on the A16 near Spalding as they made their way to the crematorium on 15 December.

"I could not believe how disrespectful [the driver] was," she told the BBC.

She said her family hoped speaking out would make people think twice about overtaking a hearse.

Writing on Facebook the day after the incident, she said she was "typing this in tears".

She said: "I could not believe how disrespectful he was. That's somebody's loved one in there that wants to follow them and he just didn't care.

"He continued to tailgate my dad until he could overtake."

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Susan and Lindsay Stubbs said they had been upset by the driver's actions

Her mother, Susan, said: "I was very upset and very angry about it. We felt the lowest we've ever felt and then for that to happen it was awful.

"To me it's an unwritten rule that you don't follow a hearse and leave the family behind."

Their funeral director Derek Morriss, said the incident was not uncommon.

"It would be nice if we weren't cut up, if we were helped at roundabouts," he said.

"Some motorists are very good but people don't always have the chance to think quick enough."

Lincolnshire County Council said the van was not one of its vehicles.

Alison Crake, president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said: "In my experience, the vast majority of people pull over, slow down, or show some other sign of respect, to enable funeral corteges to pass by.

"We would also urge those who feel a sense of frustration, when having to wait behind a cortege, to think of the grieving family in the vehicles up ahead of you."