Protest pair halt Lincoln 'Teletubby Hills' flattening

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The 'Teletubby Hills'
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The disputed 'Teletubby Hills' are two grassy mounds on a Lincoln estate

A protest has stopped two "Teletubby Hills" from being flattened as a pair of residents brought the contractor's work to a halt.

The small grassy mounds on the gardens of the Carlton estate in Lincoln were due to be levelled.

Sandy McFarlane, a resident, said: "It was flagged up there were some diggers dismantling the hills... so post-haste I came down and took occupation."

The land is owned by Linden Homes which has now stopped work on the site.

Mr McFarlane, of the Carlton Centre Community Board, said: "They are known as the Teletubby Hills around here."

Linden Homes said it had talked to the council about taking ownership of the land and the council had "said the mounds in question had to be removed".

The company had been forced to halt "due to residents obstructing the immediate area", it added.

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The mounds were nicknamed after the landscape in the Teletubbies children's TV series

Mr McFarlane, 64, an estate resident for 14 years, said the mounds were "an integral part of the estate" especially for children's play.

He heard about the work, walked over and had seen a gap in the fence around the bigger hill and walked up it, he said.

He waved to a neighbour who joined him on the mound, causing the work to be stopped. Legally-parked cars later blocked the site.

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Legally-parked cars later blocked the site on a Lincoln estate

Lincoln City Council said it had been asked to maintain the area as public open space.

"Due to the size of the mounds our contractor informed us that maintenance would not be possible. Therefore, for us to take on the land, they would need removing," it said.

If the mounds are to remain the council said it would expect the owners "to find an alternative way of managing the site".

A meeting has been arranged for later in the week between all the parties said Mr McFarlane.

"They [the mounds] will be staying there," he added.

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