Weeds thwart Guy Martin's 'pedalo' record attempt

Guy Martin Image copyright Claire Hartley
Image caption Martin was due to attempt the record as part of the latest series of the Channel 4 show, Speed with Guy Martin

Racer Guy Martin's bid to set a new speed world record in a human-powered hydrofoil has been thwarted by weeds.

The mechanic and motorbike racer was due to attempt the record on Lincoln's Brayford Pool.

It was called off after Mr Martin held a practice session at the site on Wednesday.

The speed attempt was to be featured in a new series of his Channel 4 television show.

Hundreds of spectators turned out to watch, and despite efforts to clear the weeds the attempt was later called off.

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At the scene, BBC reporter Alex Rhodes said one spectator joked that the ducks were going faster in the water.

Describing the hydrofoil, he likened it to a "pedalo, but without the swan wings".

Image caption Several hundred people watched the practice session, after the news spread on social media
Image copyright Claire Hartley
Image caption Officials in Lincoln said they are talking with the television company involved in the production, and hope to re-arrange the attempt

A message from Guy Martin said: "Ta' for the support, I look forward to having another crack at it down the line."

Michael Armstrong, from Lincoln BIG, which helped organise the event, said he was disappointed with the news.

"We had a fantastic day yesterday - but as it happened we have had this issue, which prevented it going forward today."

He said the harbour trust had "pulled-out all the stops" in a bid to clear the weeds, but said the recent hot weather had exacerbated the problem.

He added: "We are still taking with the television company and hopefully this will happen at a later date."

Martin's speed records

Image copyright Mark Edwards
  • Martin is aiming to break the record set by American Mark Drela in 1991, which stands at 18.5 knots (9.53 meters/second) over a 100 metre course on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts
  • In March, Guy Martin set a new speed record for riding a Wall of Death, reaching 78 mph (125.5 km/h), and back in 2014 he set a world record for the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled, 83.49 mph (134.368 km/h)
  • He also holds the title for the fastest speed in a soapbox (motorless vehicle) 85.61 mph (137.78 km/h), set at Mont Venoux, France, on 16 October 2014

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