Fake penis assault woman given suspended jail term

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image captionLee went by the online profile of Joey G-Star Crislow, and sent photos of a muscular young man to the victim

A woman who wore a body suit and used a fake penis to trick a mother into thinking she was having sex with a man has been given a suspended jail term.

Lincoln Crown Court was told Fiona Manson, 25, now called Kyran Lee, had pretended to be a "muscular young man".

In a statement to the court, the 24-year-old victim, who cannot be named, said: "Finding out that Kyran Lee was a female shocked me to my core."

Lee admitted assault by penetration carried out in 2012.

She had called herself Joey G-Star Crislow on the internet and backed-up her claims by sending photographs to the victim.

Lee, 25, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, started seeing the victim after a relationship developed online.

The pair ended up in bed together and had sex, with the defendant remaining fully clothed and using a sex toy, the court heard.

Prosecuting, Sarah Knight said Lee - who is awaiting gender reassignment surgery - told the victim "all the things she wanted to hear" including "how much he loved her".

Lee's true identity was only revealed when she was found to be working at a fast food restaurant, under her birth name Fiona Manson.

'Sustained deceit'

The victim then complained to police and Lee was charged.

For the defence, David Stanton said the victim had wanted to consummate the relationship and had given Lee an ultimatum.

He said: "The option was no relationship or obtain a prosthetic. The act of sexual intimacy was not motivated by an attempt to gain pleasure but to avoid rejection and relationship breakdown."

He added Lee had been "tormented within herself for many years" about gender and has always had a "tomboyish streak in her".

Sentencing Lee to two years in jail, suspended for two years, Judge Michael Heath said: "The defendant sent pictures of a good-looking, muscular, young man, he sent toys to her children, said he loved her and understandably she wanted to meet him.

"She only had that intimacy with him because she thought that he was a man."

The victim had suffered "immeasurable emotional harm" from the "sustained deceit", he added.

However, he said: "I accept the whole motivation - however selfish and though it was dreadful and deceitful - was to have a relationship. Not a physical one, but a relationship with a woman as a man."

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