Grimoldy man Stewart Greene 'drowned grandson in bath'

Alex Robinson Image copyright Family handout
Image caption Alex Robinson, aged nine, died two days before Christmas

A man drowned his nine-year-old grandson in the bath and sat calmly on the sofa until his family returned home, a court has been told.

Stewart Greene, 65, of Danes Court, Grimoldby, is accused of murdering Alex Robinson two days before Christmas last year while the boy's mother was out.

The prosecution alleges that when his daughter returned, he told her: "I've drowned Alex in the bath."

Mr Greene, on trial at Lincoln Crown Court, denies murder.

'Blue and lifeless'

Michael Evans QC, prosecuting, said Alex, who was on the autistic spectrum, had been playing on his Xbox when his mother, Joanne Greene, left to go to Tesco.

The court was told that when Ms Greene returned, he told her what he had done and "the fear began to rise within her".

The judge heard she rushed to the bathroom where she saw her son in the water, surrounded by his sister's toys.

Image caption The prosecution told the court that Ms Greene found her son lifeless in the bath

Mr Evans told the court: "She dragged Alex out of the bath and remembers his lips were blue and he was lifeless."

The jury heard Mr Greene told the first police officer to arrive that he had drowned Alex.

He was then arrested and later said at the police station: "I can't do prison. Am I going to hospital?"

The jury was also told Mr Greene had a history of admissions to mental health establishments and hated the idea of living independently at accommodation arranged for him.

He had previously assaulted medical staff before he was released, the prosecution said.

Image caption The court was told that Mr Greene murdered his grandson while his daughter was shopping

Giving evidence, the boy's mother said she had pleaded with staff at a mental health unit not to let her father out.

Asked what she told the staff, she said: "If you let him out he's going to do something.

"He's done it before. He's attacked a doctor. He's had a knife to an old woman.

"He will do something to get himself put in somewhere.

"I'm telling you now, if he does something I'm going to go ballistic. You can't let him out."

The trial continues.

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