Vulcan bomber prohibited air roll investigated

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Media captionThe footage which appears to show the Vulcan carrying out a barrel roll was taken by BDP Aviation

Footage purportedly showing the UK's last flying Vulcan bomber carrying out a prohibited barrel roll is being investigated by officials.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed it was investigating "a recent flight" involving the Vulcan.

The aircraft was captured on camera by an amateur enthusiast flying over Grantham, Lincolnshire on 4 October.

Restrictions on ex-military aircraft were put in place after the Shoreham air crash in August.

A spokesman for the CAA said it was looking whether the Vulcan "may have performed a roll manoeuvre".

He added: "This did not occur during an air display. Although not normally allowed under its current permissions to fly, a roll is a benign manoeuvre and the Vulcan's maintenance support organisation has confirmed that the aircraft is safe to fly."

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Image caption Measures were put in place to restrict ex-military aircraft from performing certain manoeuvres after the Shoreham air crash

The CAA said the measures taken in the wake of the Shoreham air crash were primarily applicable to air displays.

The aircraft, which is maintained and operated by the Leicestershire-based charity Vulcan to the Sky Trust, has now been grounded after engineering backers, including Rolls Royce, withdrew support.

The trust said it was was co-operating fully with the CAA investigation.

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Image caption The bomber has performed a number of flypasts in recent weeks as part of its farewell tour

The Vulcan made its final flight on Wednesday.

Vulcans, which once operated from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, saw action during the 1982 Falklands War.

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