'Space' mission launched at World Egg Throwing Championships

Egg launch Image copyright SKARS
Image caption The balloon, Madhen Eggsplorer-1, is expected to fall to earth somewhere in between Skegness and Hull

Egg throwers and amateur radio enthusiasts have joined forces in a bid to launch an egg into "space".

Eggsplorer-1 was launched at the 10th annual World Egg Throwing Championships held at Swaton in Lincolnshire.

The event saw teams from around the world competing in Russian Egg Roulette, Egg Trebuchet and throwing eggs at a bodybuilder.

Organisers said they had "high hopes" for the pairing of eggs and ham - another name for amateur radio fans.

The idea for the flight came from South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society (Skars) chairman Andrew Garratt who suggested putting an egg into space inside a high-altitude balloon.

The mission, which launched on Sunday, hoped to reach a height of 40km (24 miles) and to set a record for transporting raw food at the greatest altitude.

Image copyright SKARS
Image caption The team behind Eggsplorer-1 hoped to set a new record for transporting raw food in "space"

Mr Garratt said onboard cameras and technical equipment were used to monitor the egg and identify issues with raw food transportation at extreme temperatures.

He said if successful the team would look at the possibility of supplying the International Space Station (ISS) with eggs.

After the flight, the balloon craft is expected to return to earth under a parachute, landing somewhere in the sea between Skegness and Hull.

The egg-throwing championship, part of Swaton Vintage Day, raised money for good causes.

It attracted about 300 competitors from around the world and 12,000 spectators.

Image copyright PA
Image caption As well as egg-throwing the event saw others trying to catch eggs without breaking them

History and highlights of the championships

  • The World Egg-Throwing Championship won first place in the Where Else But England awards for "England's quirkiest event"
  • The earliest recorded egg-throwing in Swaton took place in 1322
  • In 2011, Sport England rejected a bid by organisers to have egg-throwing recognised as an official sport
  • Previous winners include a team led by a retired Power Ranger from Japan
  • Organisers have invited a number of TV personalities to take part, including Simon Cowell and musician Natalie Holt - who threw an egg at him on Britain's Got Talent
  • Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, who allegedly threw an egg at his neighbour's house in California, was also invited

Image caption Participants of all ages from around the world competed in five disciplines at the egg-throwing championships
Image copyright PA
Image caption Russian Egg Roulette players smash raw and hard-boiled eggs on their heads

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