Boston flooding: About 100 families still out of homes

Flooding in Boston - CCTV footage from Boston Borough Council
Image caption More than 400 families had to leave their homes because of flooding in December

About 100 families are still out of their homes in a Lincolnshire town flooded as a result of a tidal surge.

A total of 569 properties were flooded in 52 streets in Boston after the River Haven burst its banks on 5 December.

Mayor Paul Kenny said homes were being inspected but some had dried out quicker depending on whether they had wooden or concrete floors.

Affected families were either in temporary accommodation or staying with relatives, the borough council said.

Mr Kenny urged affected residents who still needed assistance to contact the council.

"What we don't want to find out months after the event is that someone's been in real distress and didn't come forward," he said.

Image copyright Anne Melton
Image caption St Botolph's Church, known as Boston Stump, was damaged by flooding

"What we're saying to people is contact the council and we'll talk to them on an individual basis about what we can do."

He said people in the town had been "extremely generous" and collections for flood victims were still being carried out in the community.

Tidal barrier

Mark Robinson, from the Environment Agency, said flood defences damaged by the tidal surge had either been repaired permanently or given a temporary fix.

"The people of Boston will remain protected whether we've done the permanent or the temporary repair," he said.

Mr Robinson said there was still £3m worth of repairs to carry out at 40 locations in the area over the next three to five months.

He said plans for a tidal barrier for the town were still ongoing and construction could start in 2016 or 2017 if plans were passed.

More than 400 residents had to leave their homes during the flood which was caused by the biggest tidal surge on England's east coast in 60 years.

Sixty-nine businesses were flooded and St Botolph's Church, known as the Boston Stump, was also damaged.

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