RAF photographer's Tornados, Spitfires and Typhoons

image captionAn airman based at RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, has been recognised for his photographic work. Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Graham Taylor, 26, recently became the RAF's photographer of the year. This picture of a Spitfire performing a "hot-start" was one of the shots which helped him win the accolade.
image captionSAC Taylor, who is originally from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, said: "It was a massive shock but I'm very honoured to have won. I'm delighted to be recognised and to be able to showcase my work and the role of the Typhoon force and RAF Coningsby." This picture in a desert in the Middle East was also entered in the competition.
image captionThe competition highlighted the operations the RAF conduct at home and abroad. This image by SAC Taylor was taken at night in the Middle East. The airman has shared more of his portfolio, and ideas behind his work, over the following pages.
image captionThis image shows a Tornado GR4 in flight. SAC Taylor, who has been with the RAF for four years, said: "I was looking to create an ethereal image with no distinguishable division between the sea and the sky to give the image the effect of a watercolour painting. I chose to include the ships to leave some context."
image captionSAC Taylor, who is based at RAF Coningsby, took this picture of a spitfire, which is part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aerial display team. He said he wanted the shadows of the aircraft below to show remembrance for those who did not return during World War II.
image captionThis picture is a portrait of Sgt Fife of the Military Provost Guard Service‎ (MPGS) during parade practice.
image captionTyphoon display pilot Flt Lt Norris practises over RAF Coningsby in this picture.
image captionA Spitfire's propeller spins while the plane is on the ground during the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
image captionRAF Coningsby's Typhoon aircraft practise for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.
image captionA Typhoon in flight near RAF Coningsby before it was granted Public Display Authority (PDA), and allowed to perform for people at air shows over the summer.

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