Boston bike rack repair group surprised at attention

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Media captionThe group noticed the severely bent metal hook as they tucked into a takeaway after a night out in Boston

Revellers who fixed a bike rack during a night out say they "can't believe" the "ridiculous" attention they have received since the story broke.

The men were caught on CCTV spending 13 minutes fixing a bike rack outside a takeaway in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Since the event, Martin Griggs, 24, Dean Mason, 23, Simon McMillan, 23, and Dan Butler, also 23, have been on TV and in the national press.

Mr Griggs thought the story was popular because it is "good news for a change".

He was with his friend Mr Mason outside the takeaway when he spotted the bent metal railing and asked some others to help them bend it back to shape.

'Had a lovely evening'

Someone working in the CCTV control room watching the newly installed cameras was so taken with their act, it was recorded - and has since gone global.

"I can't believe all the attention - it's ridiculous," Mr Griggs said.

"It popped up on the local newspaper [Boston Standard] site a couple of days ago and we had a bit of a laugh about it but this morning we've had loads of interest from national newspapers asking to tell the story.

"It was about 3.15 in the morning - we'd had a lovely evening and as we are both cyclists decided to mend the bike rack, which we knew had been broken for a while.

"It was a simple as that."

'Strikes a chord'

He added: "Most people expect negative images in the news and Boston gets quite a lot of bad press - I think that's why the press have grabbed hold of it - it's a good news story for a change.

Mr Griggs added: "I'm sure we'll try and be helpful next time we go out."

Councillor Stephen Woodliffe, from Boston Borough Council, hopes to reward the men in some way.

"For a large proportion of the country, seeing the lads fixing the bike rack is something they can relate to," he said.

"I think it strikes a chord with a lot of people. It's a good story for the town and a good story for the country."

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