Flooding causing increased insurance premiums

Campaigners are calling on the government to strike a deal with the insurers to help flood-risk areas.

A deal with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) runs out in June, prompting fears premiums will rocket.

Lincolnshire's Regional Flood and Coastal Committee said homeowners could struggle to get insurance.

The ABI said it was "fully committed" to reach an agreement with the government on setting up a flood insurance fund that spread out costs.

'Renewal due'

Colin Harvey, whose home in Digby, near Sleaford, was flooded in the summer, said he was struggling to get a quote for insurance.

He said: "Because my renewal is due in February, people are ringing me up asking, 'can we quote you on your insurance'?

"When I say, 'well I've had a flood claim', they say, 'sorry, we can't even quote you'."

The deal with insurers, known as the statement of principals, runs out this summer and minsters have been in talks with the industry to thrash out a new deal.

Mary Dhonau, from the Lincolnshire's Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (LRFCC), added: "Lincolnshire will, of course, be paying higher premiums [because of flooding] already.

"But what we don't want to see is people in Lincolnshire paying crazy money. I want to see flood insurance affordable and available for everybody at risk of flooding."