Anti-social behaviour targeted in Boston

More patrols are planned for a Lincolnshire town to tackle anti-social behaviour and street drinking.

A Lincolnshire police spokesman said the patrols in Boston town centre were a result of a "surge of complaints" from local residents.

The town's marketplace is one area where street drinkers are causing problems, a police spokesman said.

"The problems are mainly around the Ingram Memorial on the riverside adjacent to the Boston Stump," he said.

PC Martyn Chambers said there would be "no leniency or tolerance" if people threw litter, urinated in the street or used other anti-social behaviour.

"Some of the people have medical as well as alcohol issues as generally the two often go together.

"We have tried to help them, but we have to say enough is enough," he added.

He said the offenders could be moved along under public order legislation.

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