Skegness Jolly Fisherman statue to remain unchanged

The existing and proposed statue design
Image caption The statue design (left) will be retained, despite discussions about a new look for the Jolly Fisherman

After months of wrangling over a new design for the Skegness Jolly Fisherman mascot, councillors have agreed to use the existing one.

The mascot first appeared on a 1908 railway poster advertising the Lincolnshire coastal resort.

A new version is due to be placed in a plaza outside the railway station.

Officials had previously failed to agree, with one suggestion from the county council being described as "like a gargoyle" by Skegness Town Council.

Skegness Mayor Mark Anderson added: "It was completely against what our image of our town is."

'Storm in a tea cup'

He said in order to move things along quickly the town council has agreed to use the original design of Jolly pulling a suitcase along.

The county council had previously offered the local authority up to £30,000 for the new statue.

But Skegness Town Council said it did not have the resources to oversee the work.

Martin Hill, leader of the county council said "it has been a bit of a storm in a tea cup".

"Obviously, the first version didn't meet with the town council's approval - so we have said tell us what you want and we'll organise it.

"I'm pleased at last we've got a definitive answer."

The town's more famous Jolly Fisherman statue, which shows him with his arms outstretched on top of a water feature, will remain in Tower Gardens.

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