English Democrat Elliott Fountain in commissioner bid

image captionMr Fountain says he can relate to young people

The English Democrat candidate for Lincolnshire police commissioner has pledged to cut crime in the county by 25% by targeting drug offences.

Elliott Fountain, a Boston councillor, also said he would make the force tougher.

The 33-year-old will compete with Labour, Conservative and independent candidates for the role at the election in November.

He said his relatively young age gave him an advantage over his rivals.

Police and crime commissioners will be elected to replace police authorities in 41 areas across England and Wales on 15 November.

'Hands are tied'

Mr Fountain said if he was elected, reducing crime in the county by a quarter would be his priority from day one.

He said: "I'm happy to make a bold statement. I think a lot of the older people who are running for the position don't understand the concerns and problems people have got in Lincolnshire.

"I'm the youngest candidate by a long shot. It's all about helping younger people to keep them away from crime, from drugs, from doing things which are wrong.

"The biggest cause of crime in Lincolnshire and in the country is without a doubt drugs.

"The police's hands are tied. It's political correctness - they can't be as tough as they want to be.

"I want to be harder and tougher on crime and target the drug dealers and the drug users."

Mr Fountain's rivals for the Lincolnshire post are Richard Davies (Conservative), Phil Dilks (Labour) and independents David Bowles and Mervyn Barrett.

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