999 worker helps save Lincolnshire baby's life

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Media captionLisa Harrison talked Mylo Jelley's parents through CPR

A 999 call handler who helped save the life of a Lincolnshire boy who fell into a pond has received an award.

In March, Andrew Jelley, father of baby Mylo, called 999 from Sutton on Sea after he found his son lying face down in a pond, apparently not breathing.

Lisa Harrison, from East Midlands Ambulance Service, talked Mr Jelley through giving a heart massage to revive his one-year-old son.

Ms Harrison received a BBC 999 Award on the 75th anniversary of the service.

"I answered the call to a man saying he had found his son face down in water," said Ms Harrison.

"He had got him out and as far as he was concerned, he wasn't breathing. I heard the fear, anxiety and terror in his voice immediately."

'No chance'

Ms Harrison spent 17 minutes on the phone to Mr Jelley and her clear instructions made sure Mylo received enough oxygen to revive him by the time paramedics arrived.

"When the paramedics first arrived, they told us there was no chance," said Mr Jelley's partner Katherine Brooks, Mylo's mother.

"It was when we got to the hospital that we found his heart was beating."

Mylo was first taken to Boston's Pilgrim Hospital and then later transferred to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Simon Tomlinson, Ms Harrison's control room manager, said; "If she had not have done this, it is highly likely the boy would not have survived.

"In my career as a control room manager, I have never seen an operator talk through the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) process as well as Lisa did that day.

"It was a superb call...if she had not persisted, the outcome would be very different."

Although Mylo, who is now 17-months-old, is recovering well, he is still in hospital as he suffered some brain damage in the accident.

"I thought maybe he had gone but I kept encouraging mum and dad to continue, which is my job and that's what we do," said Ms Harrison.

"This time there was a pleasant, positive outcome and Mylo is alive."

You can see more about this story on The BBC 999 Awards on BBC1 at 20:00 BST.

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