Da Vinci Code protest 'nun' wants illuminated cross

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Media captionSister Mary Michael wants people to pray in her garden when the cross is erected

A woman who protested against the Da Vinci Code wants to put a 7m-high illuminated cross in her back garden.

Sister Mary Michael said God wants her to have the "Cross of Love" at her home in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire.

Some neighbours have objected to a planning application for the cross, saying it will be an eyesore and add to light pollution.

Sister Mary attracted wide attention when she held a prayer vigil at the Da Vinci Code premiere in Cannes.

She also protested at Lincoln Cathedral when the Da Vinci Code was being filmed there.

The 68-year-old now wants people to come to her garden to pray.

"I believe in the power of prayer," she said.

"These crosses are built so that people are to come to them and you don't have to advertise it really.

Image caption The cross would be higher than Sister Mary's bungalow

"So basically they are really to bring people back to loving God and loving their neighbour."

'Maverick' nun

Sister Mary lived in a convent for three-and-a-half years and still considers herself a nun.

However after her campaign over the Da Vinci Code, the Catholic Church said she had no longer had an official connection with any order and was a "maverick".

Sister Mary said the cross, which would be exactly 7.38m-high, would be a scaled down replica of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé.

"Our Lord appeared to a lady called Madeleine Aumont in Normandy and said he would like a massive cross 738 metres high," she said.

The original cross was not put up but Sister Mary said other replicas had been installed around the world.

Sister Mary's planning application, number 666, has received objection and support.

'Good for spiritual needs'

One objection, submitted on 10 July, said: "Religion is okay in the right context... but is this some kind of joke?"

One comment in support, submitted on 3 July, said: "It would not only be beneficial for the temporal outcome of the county but would also be quite good for the spiritual needs of humanity."

The consultation period closes on 21 July.

Another objection, submitted on 11 July, said: "An erection of this size will be visible from my property and as such could devalue or put off potential buyers."

Sister Mary said she did not want the cross to annoy her neighbours.

"I don't want that to happen to people but our Lord has specifically asked for it to be lit," she said.

"Today there's wonderful lighting that doesn't have to glare in people's bedrooms."

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