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Lincolnshire's vandalised speed cameras 'costing thousands'

image captionThe Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership said their speed cameras are vulnerable

More than £300,000 is expected to be spent fixing vandalised speed cameras in Lincolnshire in 2011.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership released the figures after two cameras were set on fire in Whapolde and Cranwell, causing £15,000 of damage.

John Siddle, from the partnership, said Lincolnshire was suffering more than other counties because the cameras were located in quiet rural areas.

He added that vandals were potentially putting people's lives at risk.

Sixteen cameras have been targeted in the county so far this year.

In most cases the cameras are set on fire and in July a £1,000 reward was offered to help catch the culprits.

Mr Siddle said: "It's a small minority who want to take the law into their own hands.

"They seem to think that their way of getting back at the system is to burn the cameras.

"We will catch these individuals. We'll stop this."

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