Labour wins control of City of Lincoln Council

Labour has taken control of the City of Lincoln Council by winning six wards in the local election.

The council had been previously been run by the Conservatives, who lost a ward and dropped to 15 seats.

Labour has 17 seats on the new council and the Liberal Democrats have one. One third of the seats on the council were up for election.

Labour candidate Patrick Vaughan won the key ward of Glebe with 832 votes. The overall turnout was 36.43%.

In Boston, the Conservatives took control of the borough council from the Boston Bypass Independent party by winning 19 seats.

The English Democrats elected two members - the first councillors for the party in Lincolnshire.

Conservative leader Raymond Singleton McGuire said: "It was a great result…we will be able to inject a lot of enthusiasm and turn the Boston Borough Council around."

The Boston Bypass party held 18 seats in the previous council while the Conservatives had seven.

Richard Austin, Boston Bypass Independent leader, said: "We have done a lot of good for Boston that will stand the town in good stead for the years to come."

Referendum vote

Labour took three seats, the Bypass party won four and independents took four.

In West Lindsey, the Conservatives retained control of the council with 21 seats while the Liberal Democrats took 11.

Labour won two seats and the independents took three.

Just two seats changed hands in East Lindsey, both gains for Labour, and the council remains under no overall control although the Tories have 30 seats.

There was no change at South Holland District Council, with the Tories retaining their 25 seats and maintaining a majority of 13.

North Kesteven remained under Conservative control, as did South Kesteven.

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