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Disabled Lincolnshire artist chosen for iPad exhibition

image captionMr Wilsher-Mills was inspired to try digital art after reading an article about David Hockney
A Lincolnshire artist, who creates work on his iPad, has been chosen to take part in an international exhibition.
Jason Wilsher-Mills is among 80 artists who will showcase work that has all been created using a mobile paint program.
The exhibition will take place at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco during May.
Mr Wilsher-Mills, who suffers from a progressive neurological condition said it was a "great opportunity" for him.

"Good art"

The Sleaford based artist, who is wheelchair-bound, said he only started using the device after reading an article about David Hockney.
"The iPad has given me back my freedom and this exhibition is the biggest of its kind in the world.
"It is akin to a newly qualified jockey getting a place in the Grand National," he said.
"My images reflect the issues relating to my disability and the illness which took my mobility away.
"I hope it is sometimes humorous and more importantly is what I call 'good art'. "

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