Protesters hand over petition against 'mega dairy'

Campaigners opposing plans for a super dairy in Lincolnshire are handing over a 70,000-name petition to the district council.

The Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations and lobby group 38 Degrees are against plans for a 4,000-cow farm.

The final decision on whether or not the Nocton diary will be allowed to proceed is set for March.

The consultation period held by North Kesteven District Council ends on Tuesday.

'Sheer size'

Mary-Ann Williams, a parish councillor in Nocton, said: "The problem is the sheer size of it. As soon as it gets this big - it is vast. We are talking about a factory."

Nocton Dairies spokesman Peter Willes said the project is not battery or factory farming as the farmers look after each cow as an individual.

"All of our cows are indoors for five or six months of the year... but they will still have access to the outside for the rest of the year."

David Babbs, 38 Degrees executive director, said: "38 Degrees members are telling North Kesteven District Council that the Nocton mega-dairy would be bad news for cows, for the environment, for farmers and for people living nearby."

Deborah Wilson, spokesperson for the Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations, said: "It's great news so many people from across the UK are standing behind our campaign to stop this US style mega dairy."

The 22-acre (89,000 sq m) facility at Nocton had originally been for 8,100 animals that would have been kept indoors, producing 220,000 litres (387,000 pints) of milk a day.

The firm said the diary can produce milk more efficiently while still being a humane environment.

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