Copper thieves in Boston 'risked explosion'

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Thieves who damaged gas pipes during a burglary in Lincolnshire risked causing an explosion, police have warned.

Offenders stole a copper tank and gas boiler from a unit on the Norfolk Street industrial Estate, Boston, at the weekend, causing a serious leak.

Officers said the crime was "especially reckless" and appealed for information.

Thieves also broke into an empty house in Argyle Street overnight on 29 October, stealing a copper tank and allowing water to flood the property.

An attempt was also made to remove lead from the roof of the building.

Insp Phil Clark said: "This was an especially reckless crime as the burglars damaged the gas supply pipes causing gas to leak into the building.

"Copper thieves who damage water pipes cause a lot of mess and damage but escaping gas has the potential to result in an explosion.

"These thoughtless offenders put the lives of many people at risk."

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