Street light dimming approved in Lincolnshire

Street lights in Lincolnshire are set to be dimmed after an energy saving scheme took a major step forward.

The county council approved a scheme of changes to save energy, reduce its carbon footprint and cut its fuel bill.

Pilot schemes in the county showed the move would not have an impact on road safety or levels of crime in the community, officials said.

A consultation on the plan, which could cut energy use by 20%, will run for a month.

The scheme will see energy efficient bulbs fitted as part of maintenance on the county's 62,000 lights but also allows for them to be switched off in low traffic areas.

'Considered way'

Street lights have been dimmed or switched off in Holten Holgate near Spilsby and Mablethorpe for the past two years as part of a trial.

John Monk, from Lincolnshire County Council, emphasised it would only dim lights where appropriate.

He added: "When we are talking about dimming we are not talking about a dimmer switch that you might see in your living room or dining room.

"We are lowering the light levels from one predetermined design level to another predetermined design level which is appropriate for the lower level of traffic in the hours between 9pm and 6am."

Andrew Howard, from the AA, gave qualified support for the idea.

"As long as this is done in a considered way, so there are lights when needed in the early hours of the morning," he said.

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