Fox family team up for Leicester garden games

media captionA family of foxes was spotted playing football in a Foxes fan's garden

A suburban garden has become a playground for a family of foxes, who even dabble in football.

The garden of Anne Brookes from Leicester boasts a family of up to eight animals as regular visitors to their lawn.

"Foxes" is the nickname of the local football and cricket teams and a fox also adorns Leicestershire County Council's logo.

Mrs Brookes said it looked like "a training session on the back garden".

image source, Annie Brookes
image captionAnne Brookes said the foxes spent as much time looking at her as she did at them
image source, Annie Brookes
image captionThe group consists of two males, a female and five cubs
image source, Annie Brookes
image captionThe fox cubs were born earlier in the year and now look almost fully grown

Mrs Brookes, who lives in Leicester and supports the city football team, said the group consists of two brothers, a mum and five cubs.

She said: "They come down most nights into the garden but this night the whole family turned up, which was amazing.

"It doesn't happen very often, they usually come in dribs and drabs, so to see them all and with the football as well it looked like The Foxes had started a training session on the garden, it was brilliant".

She also has a dog which barks at the guests but "the foxes just ignore him".

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