Leicester fan in 'wrong place' during Madrid police clash

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Spanish Police in riot gear in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid on Tuesday night

A Leicester City fan has described how he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" when he was arrested by Spanish police following trouble in Madrid.

Andy Rudkin, 27, from Oakham, Rutland, said he and his father saw scuffles with police unfold on Tuesday.

He said as they walked away they were charged by officers and his father was "whacked" with a baton.

The pair, along with six other men, have been handed four-month suspended prison sentences.

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Phil Mackie shared video of one arrest on his Twitter account

Mr Rudkin, who believes he was one of the men filmed by BBC correspondent Phil Mackie being arrested, said he was innocent of the public disorder offence he was charged with.

At one point he and his 49-year-old father were facing prison, he claimed.

The Leicester fan said when they arrived in Madrid on Tuesday ahead of their Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid, they had a meal but did not drink any alcohol.

He said: "We heard a noise in the square [Plaza Mayor] and went to have a look and saw police hitting fans, I'd never seen anything like it.

"We walked away and then 10 police officers charged us, I said to my dad 'we've got to run'.

"Dad got whacked with a baton. I went over to tell them he was my dad and I got arrested too."

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Eyewitnesses said some fans were hit by police batons as trouble continued on Wednesday afternoon

He said he had never met any of the other arrested men before, one of which was a teacher and two were businessmen. He claims they were all held for about 47 hours without food and water.

Mr Rudkin said when he asked if he could make a phone call he was told to "shut up".

"My wife was going out of her mind," he said.

"I've been called scum online and we've been branded hooligans by other fans, but it's not true. I've never been in trouble in my life."

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Social media videos showed footage of injured fans after the clashes in the Plaza Major on Wednesday

All eight men were given suspended prison sentences when they appeared in court on Thursday.

Leicester City are working with Uefa and the Spanish authorities to discover the "full facts" behind scuffles involving fans in Madrid.

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