Hunt saboteur 'struck by riding crop' in Leicestershire

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Media captionA West Midlands Hunt Saboteur claims she was struck at a hunt in Leicestershire.

A man has been arrested after a hunt saboteur was allegedly hit over the head with a riding crop.

Bodycam footage shows a confrontation between Atherstone Hunt members and West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs in Leicestershire, on Saturday.

A thud is heard, followed by a scream, and a woman is then seen clutching her head. She was later treated in hospital, the saboteur group said.

A man was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm.

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He has since been released on bail.

The Atherstone Hunt said it was co-operating with the police and all available video footage has been handed to them.

Image copyright West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs
Image caption West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said one of their members had to have her head "glued back together"

The animal rights group said they were tracking the hunt in Derby Road, Shackerstone, when the "unprovoked attack" took place.

The clip shows two female saboteurs walking alongside several hunt members on horseback, on a footbridge.

Angry exchanges are heard and then a thud, before a woman screams out. A male rider then denies having done anything.

The group said she was taken to hospital to have her head "glued back together".

The video also shows a saboteur being spat and sworn at after he confronts a man about what had happened earlier.

Leicestershire Police said: "One man has been arrested on suspicion of ABH following a report of an assault which is alleged to have happened in Derby Road, Shackerstone, on Saturday February 11.

"He has been bailed pending further enquiries."