Tinsel 'too heavy' for Leicester Christmas tree

Leicester Christmas tree on 6 November Image copyright Daniel O'Donovan
Image caption Daniel O'Donovan, who photographed the tree on Sunday, said it was "embarrassing"

"Heavy tinsel" has been blamed after a city centre Christmas tree's decorations were left "half-finished".

The festive installation, in Leicester, was widely mocked when it was erected last week, with baffled locals poking fun at the "abysmal" effort.

Some suggested workmen had forgotten to finish it, while others wondered if decorations had been stolen.

The council explained the tinsel it had ordered was "actually really thick", and had bent the tree's branches.

They have now started decorating it again, without the tinsel.

Image caption The tree was mocked on social media

Daniel O'Donovan, who photographed the tree on Sunday, said it was "embarrassing" and described it as "five baubles and half a tree of tinsel".

"The tree has always been a bit abysmal but I was expecting more this year seeing how much of a focus there has been on the city," he said.

"With everything great that's happened in Leicester - Richard III, Leicester City FC's victory, boasting the best Diwali celebrations in the UK - you'd expect something a little more special."

City centre director Sarah Harrison said it's a "long, complicated job" to make the city look "beautifully festive".

"They've obviously put the tinsel on the top of the tree first and realised the branches were being bent out of place," she said.

The council is now considering whether or not to use the tinsel at all.

Image caption The tree is next to the the Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower - a popular meeting point in the city centre

"We've got hundreds and hundreds of multicoloured LED tea lights this year which are all new, so we are going to put those on first," said Ms Harrison.

"We are going to put the baubles on, and then we are going to take a view as to whether the tinsel has got a place on the tree or not."

The tree was also mocked on social media.

One person tweeted: "Well done Leicester for forgetting to finish the tree? I presume in the past, bits got stolen."

The city's Christmas lights are being switched on at 18:30 GMT on 17 November by the Lord Mayor.

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