Mum's John Lewis £1.25 apple rant goes viral

Apple and receipt Image copyright kat pattison
Image caption John Lewis has since invited Kat Pattison to speak with its head of catering at the store in Leicester

An outraged mum's Facebook rant about being charged £1.25 in a John Lewis cafe for an apple has been shared thousands of times.

Kat Pattison said she was "shocked" when she was overcharged for the piece of fruit for her young son at the High Street giant's Leicester branch.

She said she has been overwhelmed by the huge response to her post, which has had more than a thousand comments.

John Lewis has apologised and said the apple should have cost 60p.

Image copyright kat pattison
Image caption Kat Pattison said there needs to be a debate about the cost of healthy food

Ms Pattison said she queried the price when it went through the till but was told it was correct.

She told BBC Radio Leicester: "Later on, it was still bothering me, I couldn't believe that was the actual cost."

Ms Pattison was called by the restaurant's manager who confirmed the price, saying there was "nothing she could do about it".

She said: "I find it quite shocking that retailers get away with charging £1.25 for an apple... they have a responsibility to make sure there are healthy options on offer and are affordable."

She took to social media to share her disgust at the cost of the apple and had "great support" from people in response.

John Lewis has since apologised and said Ms Pattison was "incorrectly charged".

They have also invited her to meet the restaurant's head of catering which she said she would be interested in doing.

An extract from Kat Pattison's Facebook message...

"Ok, you might think it's a bit of an overreaction for £1.25, but honestly, we have a real issue in this country if any store - even John Lewis - thinks it's ok to sell a kid an apple for £1.25.

"When people are being priced out of providing their kids with a healthy meal, it's no wonder more than 30% of kids in the UK are classed as overweight or obese.

"What is wrong with the world when a corporation thinks profit is more important than the health of our children?"

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