Moghul Durbar restaurant 'revenge attack': Seven men jailed

image captionSix people were treated in hospital after the disturbance at the restaurant

Seven men have been jailed for taking part in a revenge attack on a crowded restaurant in Leicester.

Hot curry was poured over one customer at the Moghul Durbar Restaurant on East Park Road in January.

The men, aged between 20 and 28, were jailed at Leicester Crown Court for two years each after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit violent disorder.

The court heard they mistakenly believed men responsible for an attack on a girl were at the restaurant.

'Fled in terror'

Judge Simon Hammond said the group "took the law into their own hands" and staff and customers "were terrified - it was lawless anarchy".

He said the group had organised the revenge attack because they mistakenly believed the teenage girl's attackers were at the restaurant.

Six of the defendants were from Derby while the seventh was from Oldbury in the West Midlands.

The defendants were Surjit Pandher, 29, of Northfield, Derby; Gurmukh Singh Cheema, 25, of Harrington Street, Derby; Ranjit Singh, 21, of Harrington Street, Derby; Sundeep Sangha, 25, of Wordsworth Avenue, Derby; Raj Sangha, 24, of Wordsworth Avenue, Derby; Ranvir Singh, 21, of Harrington Street, Derby and Kahan Khalsa, 26, of Rectory Gardens, Oldbury, West Midlands.

Many of the customers and staff fled in terror from the restaurant after being attacked while eating their dinner, the court heard.

The prosecution said some of the group of about 40-50 people who joined the attack were wearing scarves and balaclavas and brandishing knives, poles, bricks and metal bars.

Following the attack six people were treated at Leicester Royal Infirmary, one of them for serious injuries.

Three staff members and one customer were stabbed in the attack and one man had hot curry poured over him.

The court heard that the men were sentenced for conspiracy to commit violent disorder as there was not enough evidence to link them directly to the assaults in the restaurant.

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