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Cardinal Wolsey 'could be found in Leicester'

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image captionThe remains of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey could be found in Leicester.

The successful excavation of Richard III's remains may result in another historic figure being discovered in Leicester, it is claimed.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who died in 1530, is believed to be buried in Abbey Park.

Leicester city councillor Ross Willmott wants the council to work with Leicester University, to search for the Ipswich-born cardinal's remains.

University experts found Richard III's skeleton under a Leicester car park.

Mr Willmott said: "Cardinal Wolsey was also somebody who was buried in Leicester, not that long after Richard III was killed, and whose body has never been found."

Mr Willmott believes a programme of archaeology in Leicester would be good for tourism in the city.

"People are fascinated with the past," he said. "There are queues outside the Richard III exhibition as we speak."

Cardinal Wolsey, who was Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor, became hugely powerful under King Henry VIII.

Once a candidate for Pope, he lived in Hampton Court Palace, but he fell from favour after failing to secure Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

He was travelling from York to London to face a charge of treason when he died at Leicester Abbey on 29 November 1530.

He was buried at the abbey which shortly afterwards was sold and dismantled. The building's remains still stand in Abbey Park.

A spokesperson for the University of Leicester said the dig was not something the university had considered yet.

Mr Willmott said he did not know how realistic it was that Cardinal Wolsey could be found.

"It may be more difficult to find him in one piece, but you never know," he said.