Leicestershire bridleway CCTV provokes privacy fears

Installation of CCTV cameras along a public bridleway in Leicestershire without warning has sparked privacy fears among nearby residents.

Concern is also growing over future development on the path linking the villages of Lockington and Hemington.

The bridleway crosses the site of a proposed rail freight terminal next to East Midlands Airport.

The company behind the project said the cameras were in place to count how many people used the paths.

Hemington resident Dr Terence Hope said villagers had received no warning.

He said: "It's an arrogant, high-handed way to go about surveying."

Roxhill Developments said the information gathered would be used in deciding the transport infrastructure they would need to put in place for any rail freight terminal.

'Major effect'

The CCTV cameras were installed on Sunday night according to residents. Roxhill Development said they were due to be removed later.

Plans under consultation would see freight brought into the UK via Felixstowe, Hull or the Channel ports, arriving into a proposed distribution centre and the East Midlands region by rail, rather than road.

A warehousing complex planned for farmland next to junction 24 of the M1 near East Midlands Airport would be served by a new railway.

Conservative MP for Leicestershire North West, Andrew Bridgen said: "It's a very large potential investment in north-west Leicestershire of three or four hundred million pounds... Potentially 6,000 jobs.

"Investment would have potentially a major effect on two lovely villages; Hemington and Lockington.

"I understand completely why local residents could be very concerned. Those things all have to be taken in the balance."

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