Gas pipe thefts in Leicester 'risked explosions'

The theft of gas pipes from homes in the Hinckley Road area of Leicester could have caused explosions, police have said.

Within a month there have been 11 incidents, one of which, on Jarrom Street, resulted in the fire service being called and homes being evacuated.

Pipes were also stolen from homes in Wolverton Road and Cambridge Street.

A man, about 5ft 6in tall, of medium build, with short greyish hair and bad teeth, is being sought by police.

Other locations where pipes have been stolen included homes in Grasmere Street and Havelock Street.

PC Darren Bridges, who is investigating the thefts, said: "These incidents pose a potential threat to not only the suspect but also people living in the area.

"Live gas pipes are being left uncovered which can cause harm and potentially a great deal of damage.

"I would warn anybody to contact National Grid should they smell gas before anything serious happens."

Anyone with any information can contact Leicestershire Police anonymously.

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