Leicester mayor Sir Peter Soulsby hails pledge 'success'

Leicester's mayor Sir Peter Soulsby says he has completed 99 of 100 pledges he aimed to deliver within his first 100 days in office.

Plans included repairing 1,000 city potholes and tackling street drinking.

But Conservative city councillor Ross Grant said the mayor had not explained how the pledges would be funded.

Sir Peter said the only pledge he had not delivered was the future of the city council's offices on New Walk.

Sir Peter Soulsby, who stepped down as MP for Leicester South when he was selected as Labour's candidate for Leicester's first elected mayor, took office in May.

"I am delighted as we set ourselves a tough challenge when we set ourselves 100 pledges in 100 days," said Sir Peter.

"The only one that won't be delivered is the future of the council offices but that will be delivered by Christmas.

"We've set a new pace for the council and the city and it's a pace that we will maintain fur the duration of our administration," he said.

Cuts claim

In early 2010 structural engineers told the authority its current home, twin concrete tower blocks on New Walk, needed urgent repairs. Full works to both would cost an estimated £52m.

But Mr Grant, one of two opposition councillors at Leicester City Council, said further explanations were needed.

"Peter has spent a lot of time criticising the previous Labour council budget and the funding he received from government," said Mr Grant.

"He hasn't got to grips with his main priority which was to sort out the financing of the council. Now we have had all the announcements of extra spending but at no point has he explained where the money is coming from and which services he'll be cutting further down the line."

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