Leicester escapologist in straitjacket world record bid

A Leicester escapologist is confident she has broken the world record for the fastest escape from a straitjacket.

Sofia Romero, 40, trained every day for four months before the attempt and recorded a final time of 4.59 seconds.

Guinness World Records will examine footage and photographs of the escape to determine if she has beaten the existing record of 7.26 seconds.

The record attempt in a regulation Posey straitjacket took place at Aylestone Leisure Centre on Thursday.

"I am very pleased with how the record attempt went. I recorded 4.59 seconds at my fifth attempt," said Ms Romero, who goes by the stage name of Sof Strait.

"Even though I beat the record at every prior attempt, I knew I could get a faster time and continued with the attempt until I was satisfied."

The current record is held by American illusionist Jackson Rayne.

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