Sensible drinking campaign begins in Leicester

A campaign aimed at reducing levels of alcohol consumption in parts of Leicester has begun.

NHS Leicester City has teamed up with local pharmacists in a pilot scheme to encourage people to cut down their drinking.

Pharmacists will be advising people on changing their drinking habits and highlighting the dangers of excessive drinking.

The campaign is being run in New Parks, Braunstone and Eyres Monsall.

Dr Sumina Azam of NHS Leicester City said: "Most people enjoy a night out, a few drinks with friends after work or an afternoon in the pub during the warmer weather.

"Many people associate drinking with their social life and they feel that if they don't drink their night out or afternoon at the pub won't be 'as good'.

"We are encouraging drinkers to take a sensible approach to alcohol, to alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks, pace your drinks or get your mates on board and enjoy an alcohol-free night out once in a while.

"This campaigns aims to highlight the dangers of regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol whilst providing people with ways to change their drinking habits for good."

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