County wants feedback on cuts to libraries and museums

Leicestershire County Council is asking for feedback on plans to cut costs at libraries and museums.

The public can use an online questionnaire to comment on proposals to reduce hours and opening times.

The Conservative-led council has proposed cuts of between £426,000 and £433,000 annually and will make a final decision in July.

The consultation will take place until 31 May for museums and until 24 June for libraries.

'Difficult times'

The county council has agreed to save 40% from the £10m libraries, museums and arts budget over the next four years as part of overall cuts of £79m.

County councillor David Sprason said: "In these difficult times, some councils are closing museums and libraries, but we're proposing a different approach.

"By closing them at their least busy times, we can cut costs and keep them open at the most popular times. This reflects the public's desire to get value for money from these services."

One of the proposals is for the county's 38 community libraries is to reduce their hours from a minimum of 20 hours per week to 13 hours per week.

Under the plans, the record office would close on Fridays and the Melton Carnegie Museum and Donington-le-Heath Manor House would close from November to February.

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