Rutland's ageing population 'will need more facilities'


More facilities such as respite centres will be needed to help Rutland cope with an increasingly ageing population, according to Age Concern.

The charity said it wanted to make sure older people in the county continued to enjoy a good quality of life.

BBC-commissioned research shows Rutland could have one of the biggest increases in the number of over 50s by 2029.

The study, by Experian, looks at how areas of England will be affected by a society which is growing older.

According to the researchers, the projected growth in Rutland's over 50s population is the 10th highest out of 324 local authority areas in England.

Troy Young, assistant director of Age Concern for Leicestershire and Rutland, said: "We are aware that overall numbers of elderly people are increasing, and we're trying to make sure we've got services in place to meet the needs of a growing older population.

"We're working with local authorities to make sure we can still do the work we're doing without quality dropping.

"There are preventative measures, such as making sure people think about health and well being, as well as looking at new ways of helping people remain in the community."

Respite centres, which offer temporary accommodation for elderly people to help relieve pressure on their carers, are one option being considered by the charity.

Mr Young said: "We don't currently provide any in Rutland but we are looking at ways of increasing support for carers.

"We've also traditionally aimed our service at older people, but I think we're also going to have to start considering how we can help sons and daughters who provide care remain economically active."

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