Leicestershire warning after fake straightener burns

People in Leicestershire are being warned about counterfeit hair straighteners after a 17-year-old girl suffered burns to her head.

Rebecca Day, from Braunstone Town, had part of her scalp singed and hair melted by a fake pair of GHD straighteners.

Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards has seized 40 counterfeit straighteners so far this year.

They warned some could reach 285C, hot enough to melt human hair.

'Very convincing'

Miss Day said she received her straighteners as a birthday present. "They singed my hair and ripped it away from the roots. I was in agony.

"I had no reason to believe the straighteners were fake as the website said they were an approved retailer and the pictures looked very convincing."

David Bull, the county council's head of trading standards, said people should take care when buying straighteners.

"Always buy electrical products from a reputable dealer and check all paperwork and guarantees," he said.

"Rebecca's experience highlights the danger posed by counterfeit hair straighteners."

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