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Bus driver calls taxi for stranded Leeds schoolgirl

image copyrightLynsey Jayes
image captionThe driver apologised to passengers on the bus for the delay as he helped the girl

A bus driver has been praised by passengers and managers after he helped a distressed girl get to her first day at high school.

The girl, thought to be on her way to secondary school, was at a bus stop in Bramley, Leeds.

The driver arranged for a taxi to pick her up at a nearby Tesco store, walked her there and gave her the £5 fare.

The driver of the number 16 First Bus service early on Tuesday promised the girl she would get to school on time.

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Lynsey Jayes, a passenger on the bus, said it was about 07:15 BST and it led to the service being delayed by about 10 minutes.

She said the wait was "definitely worth being late for".

'Exceptional customer awareness'

"I was just sat at the back of the bus with my kids en route to school and I heard the driver saying "are you OK there?" to someone,

"He got out the cab so clearly we all begun to get a bit curious about what was going on.

"Outside there was a young girl clearly upset, she looked to be about 11 or 12 years old perhaps.

"He spoke to her outside for a few minutes then as he walked back on the bus he said "don't worry, we will get you to school on time".

Mrs Jayes said the driver apologised to passengers for the delay, before switching off the engine while he showed the girl where the taxi would arrive.

A First West Yorkshire spokesperson said: "We are delighted with the actions of our driver, who has shown exceptional customer awareness and consideration for this young girl, who was clearly very upset.

"First West Yorkshire is grateful to Lynsey Jayes for highlighting our driver's actions and to the many customers and other members of the public for their kind comments."

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