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Hidden 'stinger' found on public path near Holmfirth

Stinger-style trap found in puddle Image copyright Tom Ryan
Image caption The device was discovered on 29 January

Mountain bikers have spoken of their shock after a wooden board with 12 nails sticking out of it was discovered hidden in a puddle on a path.

The device was found on a trail through the disused Snittlegate quarry, at Harden Clough, near Holmfirth.

Cyclist Tom Ryan, who discovered the device, said it "could seriously injure any horse, dog, kid, or runner unfortunate enough to stomp on it".

West Yorkshire Police said it was investigating the incident.

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Image copyright Tom Ryan
Image caption Ben Haworth, of Mountain Bike Rider magazine, said the nature of the device was "quite medieval"

Mr Ryan said he found the item on 29 January.

Writing online he said: "Chances are it was intended to target illicit 4x4s or MXers in the quarries, but it'd be a pretty effective showstopper for a mountain bike too."

Ben Haworth, of Mountain Bike Rider magazine, said it was one of a number of incidents he had been made aware of in recent months.

"The nature of the device was quite medieval," he said.

"We've seen branches left across trails and rocks moved in to the way, which is not acceptable.

"It's not so much on the rise but the nature of the devices seem to have become more bloodthirsty.

"It's like a stinger - the kind you use to stop cars. It could rip through your tyres and cause you to come off. It could cause you to crash and crash hard."

He said that in November, a device "like a man trap you might have seen in Vietnam" was discovered in the Delamere Forest in Cheshire.

A spokesperson for the Peak District National Park said: "Something like this could have had a very nasty outcome for any people and animals using this public right of way.

"This is a popular spot so we hope someone may have some information about who has resorted to this action."

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