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Killed MP Jo Cox's children 'surrounded by love'

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Media captionBrendan Cox: "The kids are very strong, they have got a lot of Jo's spirit in them"

The children of the killed Labour MP Jo Cox "talk about mum every day", her husband has said.

Mrs Cox, 41, was shot and stabbed in her West Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen in June.

Brendan Cox, said there had been "dark and difficult" times in the last few months but the couple's two children were "surrounded by love".

"The kids are very strong they have a lot of Jo's spirit in them", Mr Cox added.

He said his focus since his wife's death had been their son and daughter, adding: "The advice from the beginning was to be open about what happened."

He said he and the children had been helped by the public reaction to Mrs Cox's death and the awareness that others were feeling some of their pain.

"It has been so visual, whether it's the thousands of people in Trafalgar Square and around the world or whether it's the people lining the streets of Batley and Spen when we had the funeral.

"Cuillin (his son) said on that day 'I knew lots of people loved mummy but I didn't realise this many people did.'"

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Image caption Brendan Cox said Jo was a "bundle of energy and joy and enthusiasm"

Mr Cox said he believed the support made the children more confident about showing their own emotions.

Mrs Cox had been a committed campaigner for humanitarian issues and her husband said for the family it was important to take forward her work.

"Jo was this unbelievable bundle of energy and joy and enthusiasm and she would never rest in peace when she was alive and would not want to rest in peace now.

"Taking forward her work, her legacy and fighting for the Britain she believed in is our way of remembering her."

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