Asian cricket exhibition launched at Headingley Stadium

image copyrightMohanlal Mistry
image captionThe exhibition has a focus on street cricket

A photography exhibition documenting the history of Asian cricket in Yorkshire has been launched at Headingley Stadium.

"From Parks to Pavilions" looks at different levels of the sport, from street cricket in Bradford to one of the oldest Asian-led leagues in the UK.

The project, which will also include radio and film documentaries, was given £50,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The photos will next be on display at the Asian Cricket Awards at the Oval.

image copyrightMohanlal Mistry
image captionStreet cricket players often went on to play in the Quaid-e Azam league, which has been running for nearly four decades

Mobeen Butt, curator of the exhibition, said: "The photographs perfectly captures how young Asian children played cricket in the 1970s, '80s and '90s.

"They didn't play on cricket grounds, in practice nets or even in parks - they played wherever they could, and that meant playing in alleyways, carparks and waste grounds."

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