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Huddersfield man feared death after being run over in attempted robbery

Victim talking to BBC Radio Leeds
Image caption The 38-year-old man was run over by his own car during the attempted robbery

A man has said he thought he was going to die when an attacker dragged him out of his car and drove over him with his 13-year-old son in the car.

The attack took place in Cleveland Road, Huddersfield on Monday 30 May.

The 38-year-old man is recovering at home from "significant leg injuries" and "did what he could to protect his son", said West Yorkshire Police.

The force has appealed for any information and particularly CCTV images from the area about the attack.

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Image copyright Victim's photograph
Image caption The car window was punched out during the attempted robbery

The victim, speaking anonymously told BBC Radio Leeds: "When I have dreams, it is very bad I can see myself dragging under the car, it was really awful. I still have nightmares."

"I saw my blood, and blood everywhere my clothes were shredded and I hadn't done anything to the guy."

The victim was driving the car with his son Mohammed in the back seat towards the junction with Halifax Road in the town's suburb of Marsh when he saw a man in the middle of the road.

Mohammed's father said he tooted the horn at him and asked him to get on the pavement for his safety.

The suspect hit a window on the car and smashed it, dragged the driver out and reversed the car despite Mohammed's father grabbing the steering wheel.

Image caption The victim said: "I still have nightmares"

The car was then driven over him injuring both legs and his ribs and he was dragged a short distance under the car, causing injuries to his face, until the car hit a wall.

The attacker was then said to have got out of the car and stood on the victim's leg as he ran ran off.

Mohammed, who was frightened but unhurt during the attack, said: "I was stunned someone would do that to my dad.

"It made me feel grateful for my parents, I could have lost my dad and am really lucky I haven't."

The suspect is described as black, in his 30s, with a muscular build, his face has a pointed jaw and stubble, said police.

Det Con Mick Cummings said although the incident only lasted about 30 seconds it was "very frightening" but said attacks with "this level of violence don't occur very often".

Image copyright Victim's photograph
Image caption The car was reversed into a wall by the suspect
Image caption The man is recovering from "significant leg injuries" said police

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