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Jaw-dropping fix for disabled Ilkley goose

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Media captionWatch Tilly the goose get used to his new beak

A goose that lost part of its beak in an accident has had a replacement fitted by a vet.

Tilly, a seven-year-old who lives on a farm near Ilkley, West Yorkshire, lost part of his beak when he was only months old.

Vet Andy MacGregor has been able to fit a moulded piece to help Tilly feed.

Owner Frances Hall said Tilly had compensated over the years by using his tongue, but this had now become too heavy and needed support.

Ms Hall said: "When he was six months old he had a little accident... he pulled his bottom beak off and over the years it's become less and less.

"Unfortunately over the last month he got 'drop-tongue', and if it hadn't been for [vet] Andy he wouldn't have survived.

"He means so much, he's so special. He's more like a dog; he follows me around everywhere."

Mr MacGregor said: "We got a local dentist who came in and he made an implant of the upper jaw and an implant of the lower jaw.

"Now he's taking grain in and behaving quite normally."

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