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Baby Kristal Davison 'suffered catastrophic injuries'

A seven-week-old girl died after suffering a catalogue of catastrophic injuries caused by her parents, a court has heard.

Kristal Davison died in April last year from a head injury after at least two "episodes of violence or trauma".

She suffered fractures to her ribs and legs, bleeding to the brain and eyes and bruises, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Lee Davison, 28, and Jessica Hopkinson, 19, from Pontefract, both deny causing or allowing her death.

The jury heard her injuries were caused over a number of weeks.

Both Mr Davison and Ms Hopkinson, of Ashleigh Avenue, deny harming the baby.

Prosecutor Julian Goose QC said: "Kristal was subjected to at least two, possibly more, episodes of violence or trauma in her short life."

'Limp and lifeless'

He added: "Both defendants admit that Kristal was in their care at all material times. How she came to suffer so many injuries with such a catastrophic effect is only known by the two defendants."

Mr Goose said injuries to the brain and eyes and bleeding to the surface of the brain were "indicative of violent shaking".

He said: "The fractures to the skull establish that there was a significant blunt force applied to the head.

"The fractures to the ribs and to the left leg established that she had been subjected to violence to those parts of her body."

The jury heard that Mr Davison called an ambulance on the morning of 12 April reporting that Kristal was gasping for breath. When paramedics arrived, the baby was found to be pale, limp and lifeless and was taken to hospital, where she died the next day.

Kristal was seen by a number of health professionals, including a health visitor and a doctor two days before her death, but her injuries were not found, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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