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Haroon Bhatti death: Pazeer Ahmed 'repeatedly hit' son

A five-year-old boy from West Yorkshire died after repeated violent attacks by his father, a court has heard.

Haroon Bhatti died in hospital after being found at a house in Aberford Road, Wakefield, on 23 January.

Leeds Crown Court heard his father Pazeer Ahmed, 34, had bitten him and repeatedly hit him over two months.

Mr Ahmed, of Aberford Road, has admitted manslaughter, claiming he was suffering an "abnormality of mental function" but denies murder.

The jury was told Haroon had died as a result of injuries to his brain and internal organs. He had been burned with cigarettes and an iron and had suffered a number of fractures.

In the hours before his death severe force was used to bang his head, probably against a bathroom wall, prosecutor Julian Goose said.

Blood stains

An examination of the bathroom by scene of crime officers found blood staining and evidence of an attempt to clean up, the court heard.

A collection of human hair was also found impacted into a section of plaster.

Both the hair and blood staining was later confirmed to match the DNA profile of Haroon, the court heard.

Jurors were told in police interviews Mr Ahmed denied hitting his son and having anything to do with his death. In later interviews he admitted biting Haroon but said it was in the course of play fighting.

The prosecution described the violence against the five-year-old as "indiscriminate".

The trial continues.

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