London bomber's grave vandalised at Cottingley cemetery

image captionHussain's grave was one of those targeted in the cemetery

The grave of one of the London bombers has been vandalised along with others in a cemetery in Leeds.

The plot holding the remains of Hasib Hussain at Cottingley Cemetery was damaged and had racist graffiti scrawled on it.

Hussain, 18, detonated a bomb on a bus at Tavistock Square in London killing 13 people on 7 July 2005.

A number of graves in the Muslim section were damaged, prompting increased police patrols.

Headstones were pulled over and offensive expressions scratched on to the stonework.

'Don't want hate'

Edaz Hussain, who was not connected to Hasib Hussain, but whose grandson is buried in the cemetery, said it was a pointless act "of hatred".

He said: "My grandson is buried here. Whoever is doing this is trying to spread hate.

"We don't want hate, you know?

"We're all the same, we're all human beings and (pointing to a grave) we're all going the same way."

The cemetery is close to the Beeston area of Leeds where the 7 July bombers had connections.

'It's unacceptable'

Leeds councillor Mohammed Iqbal said it was "sickening to see graves damaged".

"Why? There's no need for it, it's sickening regardless of faith and religion, everybody loves their families and it's unacceptable."

West Yorkshire Police said: "We have received a report of damage to two graves in the Muslim section of Cottingley Cemetery and we are investigating.

"Neighbourhood Policing officers are paying extra attention to the area and have liaised with local community representatives to reassure them."

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